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  • Approximate Weight 67 to 70 lbs
  • SKB Travel Case weight 25.5 lbs
  • Height: approximate: 62 inches
  • It comes with a high-resolution TV with over 1,000 nits( nits is away to measure brightness). Which means that you can see the TV both outdoors and indoors.
  • Has a built-in small form computer that can control both TV and print server.
  • Comes with EMI filter to makes plugin so much easier
  • 2 USB plugs on the bottom to access the computer.
  • Head unit tilts both up and down to get kids and tall adults.
  • Powder-coated black
  • The TV is protected by a mirror glass that is tempered, so when the screen is off the front looks like a full-length mirror.
  • Can fit any 2nd generation and 3rd Generation iPads however we recommend the 12.9 3rd Generation IPAD or 4th Generation.
  • Cooling Fan

Customer Reviews

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Capture This 360
Five Stars

Dustin was so helpful in assisting us with a mechanical issue we had with our booth. He helped me arrange shipping it back to him repaired it explained to me what the issue was and shipped it back to me all within a very fast turn around. His customer service was excellent, he was patient and he was kind ! I explained that I needed to get my booth repaired and back to me asap for business and he did exactly that, thanks Dustin !!!

James Britt

I got reflection arrived and easy set up, Dustin is big support when I asked him questions. Also I order video with my logo place order. He was fast sent video like Superman! He is amazing!!

Michael Eddlemon
Love it!

The Reflection is really set apart from other ipad booths because of its base being a computer screen. You can program it to do welcome screens or logos. I love it!