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PicBox Midnight

PicBox Midnight

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Color: Black
Ipad Size

All orders will be shipped out in August 2024ish

The lightest fully functional DSLR photo booth on the market that can transform into the coolest roaming DSLR product. 

-Professional grade Aluminum

-RGB ring light around the lens of the camera

-Can be used with a Canon m50/r100 or without a DSLR

-iPads: 13 inch (2024 model) 11 inch

-20 lbs. in the travel bag

-EST 5 lbs. in weight for just the roamer. 

-Comes in Black or White

-Installed with EMI filter to give you the ease of power with a 30-watt Apple charger and battery hookup for your DSLR camera. 

-Includes printer port at the bottom of unit to allow for iPad to printer direct wiring. 

-Comes with 2 travel bags(one for the roamer and one for all products) and battery to run the roaming photo booth

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