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  • Changeable LED lights from attract mode to white
  • Cabinet is made out of aluminum
  • Fits both 11 and 12.9 3rd/4th Generations Ipads( not included)
  • Weighs in at just over 2.5lbs
  • Built in battery for the LED lights that last over 4 hours( not included)
  • Comes in white
  •  Comes with Mirrored Faceplate

Customer Reviews

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Jason Cage
Loving it

This is the first "square" handheld I've seen, and the price is fantastic. Lots of creative uses for a handheld of this size. I will say, the lipo batteries are bit of a hassle, with special chargers ($100+ for a good one) and whatnot, but they are lightweight, do charge fast, and do last a long time once you get them in place. Just be prepared for a bit more out-of-pocket cost before it's fully up and running.