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DSLR Camera Upgrade kit (Canon EOS M50 only)

DSLR Camera Upgrade kit (Canon EOS M50 only)

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This DSLR Camera Upgrade kit includes

  1. Back door bracket to fit a 11 inch Ipad Pro(3rd or 4th Generation)
  2. Front Faceplate to fit the exit hole for DSLR Camera and 11 inch Ipad Pro
  3. TKDY ACK-E12 Cameras Power Supply EOS M50

  4. New ring light and head unit
  5. New Ipad charging cable
  6. New Diffuser 
  7. New Ring light

Not included (recommendation):

  1. Hyper Drive 6-in-1 USB-C Hub
  2. Aputure Amaran 60D

  3. Aputure Light Dome Mini II for Aputure Studio Strobe Light LED

Add on($150) the base bracket and hardware for above lighting as seen in picture:

  1. Base bracket
  2. Pole and hardware

Note: doesn't include any lights or umbrella.

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