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360 Cyclone

360 Cyclone

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A Motorized elevated 360 video booth

- Comes in black and white and can be customized to fit your branding

- Can work with all the major software's

- Attachments can fit an Iphone or Go Pro

- Product fits in 1 backdrop sized bags and 1 hard travel case( extra $275) or bag.

-It’s both motorized and manual. So if for any reason the motor stops you have the back up option. 

-Can fit over 10 people plus. 

-2 TV mounts on both front and back of 360 Cyclone 

-Motor Travel case is included

-Comes with one TV mount bracket 

-Shipping takes 15 business days

- Product is 9 ft length by 9 ft tall by 3.5 ft wide

-Note we use the 43 mm size pipe. Big time!  





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